PVTrans Pacific received Aframax Oil Tanker Apollo

On 25 June 2019, in Quang Ngai Province, Pacific Petroleum Transport Joint Stock Company (PVTrans Pacific) organized the hand over of APOLLO crude oil vessel.

APOLLO Vessel are built in Japan, with a tonnage of 105,465 tons, with length of 237.71M, width of 42M, and draft of 14,850M, with a lot of modern features, meeting the rigorous standards of the maritime industry and guests. world oil and gas products. By the time of hand over, APOLLO is the largest Aframax crude oil transport vessel ever owned by the Vietnam Shipowner.

The investment of APOLLO vessel in the 2019 plan has been approved by PVTrans Pacific Company's Annual General Meeting, the investment also was in the plan for rejuvenating the fleet until 2020 to improve oil transport capacity and improve competitiveness to maintain domestic market share and expand foreign market development as well.

Immediately after receiving, APOLLO vessel was PVTrans Pacific signed long-term lease contract with foreign customers to operate in international routes with high exploitation efficiency.

In the previous years, due to the impact of recession and the world shipping industry crisis, like many other shipping enterprises, PVTrans Pacific faced many difficulties, however, with the efforts and determination, together with reasonable and scientific management solutions, both in market, technology, production, finance, investment, management model ..., PVTrans Pacific has gradually overcome difficulties and and had continuous growth. In 2018, PVTrans Pacific achieved revenue of VND 1,570.8 billion, profit before tax reached VND 231.6 billion, with this result, the Company was honored to be among the top 500 largest enterprises in Vietnam and the top 500 most profitable businesses  in Vietnam.