Pacific provides VLCC vessel to transport crude oil for NSRP

In April 2018, Pacific did cooperate with SK Shipping (South Korea) to internationally bid and won a contract to supply  VLCC (Very Large Crude Carrier) vessel with a tonnage of over 300,000 DWT to transport crude oil from Kuwait (Middle East) to Nghi Son Refinery and Petrochemical Company (NSRP).
The VLCC named Pis Pioneer, after a nearly 20-day voyage, arrived on the SPM buoy of the Nghi Son Refinery which is over 35 km from mainland and successfully unloaded more than 270,000 tons of cargo to the NSPR's storage facility on May 17, 2018, ensuring absolute safety and on planned time.
pvtrans pacific cung cap tau vlcc van chuyen dau tho cho nmld nghi son
Pis Pioneer VLCC of 280,000 - 320,000 DWT anchored at SPM buoy of Nghi Son refinery to prepare for connection and unloading

This is the fourth NSRP crude oil shipment since test run in August 2017, and the first shipment of PVTrans Pacific involved in crude oil transportation by VLCC vessel.

pvtrans pacific cung cap tau vlcc van chuyen dau tho cho nmld nghi son
Ship operators of PVTrans Pacific discussed related works with Pis Pioneer and NSRP customer representatives

As a reputable provider of crude oil transportation services in Vietnam for many years for Dung Quat Refinery by the Aframax fleet (80,000 - 120,000 DWT), Pacific is constantly innovating and investing to improve the service quality and at the same time setting goals and determination to expand and diversify services by participating in providing crude oil transportation services by VLCC (280,000 - 320,000 DWT) which is four times the Aframax on capacity.

pvtrans pacific cung cap tau vlcc van chuyen dau tho cho nmld nghi son
VLCC Pis Pioneer all-fast at NSRP SPM - A view from cabin of the vessel

By providing successful and safe shipment of crude oil by VLCC mentioned above, Pacific confirmed its capability and prestige in the field of operating and exploiting crude oil transportation services . As a result, it helps Vietnam to list its name on crude oil transportation services by VLCC of the world.